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Briquette Pellet Machine
Briquette Pellet Machine

1. Brief Introduction of the Briquette Machine
Due to the increase on cost of conventional fuel (such as coal and natural gas) and the need for new energy resources, more people start to focus Biomass fuel business. Biomass briquette is renewable, clean, eco-friendly energy, especially for agricultural countries. XNY-1000C Series briquette press can make cylinder shape fuel briquettes from biomass and agro-forest waste.

2.Features of the Briquette Machine

(1) NO binder needed during production to make clean & green fuel briquette.

(2) Quantity of heat of final product is 500-1000Kcal higher than raw material. 

(3) Can replace firewood and liquefaction gas, with less investment.

(4) Small cubage and easy for transpor

3.Producing Process

4. Technical Parameters

 5.Raw Material                                                               

Forage, sawdust, straw, millet straw, wheat straw, corn straw, peanut straw, bean straw, tree leaves, cottonseed husk, cotton straw, shrubs and many other types of agro-forest waste.


6.Final Products

 7.More Picturs about the Machine

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