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Biomass Dryer
1T/H briquette machine dryer line

biomass briquette machine with dryer production line adopts Swedish technology, is the most advanced production line in China.
After drying the raw material, adopt the screw press, the piston pressing, the two stage compression technology, with the oil forced cooling ensures lubrication, the machine have solve the ordinary biomass briquette machine problem of high water content of raw material and the wear of forming die. And the output of one set spare part is more than 500 tons. This machine is characterized with low power consumption, large capacity, long serving time and low maintenance.

The whole machine:
1.Main machine (including dryer and main press machine)
2.Feeding hopper
3.Belt conveyor
4.Control cabinet
5.Oil cooling equipment
6.Output line
Model: Biomass briquette machine production line
Capacity: 1000kg/h (depend on raw material)
Dimension: 3500*1800*1700mm (biomass briquette machine)
8300*6800*5400mm (dryer)
Floor space:100㎡
Diameter of briquettes: 8mm to 80mm
Shape of briquettes: cyclinder
Density of briquettes: 1-1.4g/cm3
Product features: biomass fuels can replace coal, oil and other conventional energ

Raw material: All kinds of biomass material (sawdust, sawdust, sawdust, grass, straw, straw, wheat straw, corn stalk, peanut, soybean stalk and leaves, cotton seed hull, melon seeds shell straw and cotton stalk, shrubs, forest products scraps, etc.)


Sample of Final Product

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