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Biomass Dryer
Biomass Dryer

1.Application of vertical dryer machine
  This machine can dry many kinds of materials which contain moisture, such as sawdust, coal slurry, slag, agricultural waste, and forest waste. They are widely used in biomass materials, and chemical industry.
2.Structure of vertical dryer machine
  The equipment has a vertical kiln structure, is formed by vertical body, burning stove, driving device, screw feed, screw outlet, supporting device and sealing ring.
NameBiomass Dryer Machine
Model:  XNY-1000A
Application Initial Moisture:  30%-40%
Final Drying Moisture:  15-20%
Drying Capacity:  1000-1200Kg/H
Fan Power:  4KW
Fan Wind Capacity:  3932m3/h
Direct Burning Hot Wind Stove Size1400*1100*1200mm
Fuel (firewood) Consumption 80-120kg/h Biomass fuel
Max Height Of the Drying Pipe 4.5 Meters
Machine Weight7200kg
4.Heating method of vertical dryer machine
  You can use biomass brquette, coal, gas, electricity, oil and wind power to heat the dryer machine.
5.Workig principle of vertical dryer machine
  The equipment has a vertical kiln structure, with several cloth screens inside. The material to be dried is inserted to the rotary cylinder through the raw material screw feed. In each cloth screen, hot air flows within the cylinder causing the separation of water from the material by converting it into vapor which is discharged into the atmosphere. At this point, the material becomes dry.
6.Advantages of vertical dryer machine
1).Compared with the general return discharge type drying furnace, this vertical dryer reduce investment and  cover area.
2). The energy consumption and operation cost greatly reduced.
3). You can burn with environmental-friendly and re-newable biomass briquette instead of coal or gas.
7.Performance and Maintence
1). This product process has the good matching performance, easy in production line and other equipment connection and automation.
2). Equipment operation is convenient, simple maintenance.
3). Continuous operation, high efficiency and production.



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