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Biomass Burner
Biomass Burner-Vietnam Client

Introduction of biomass burning machine:

The XNR series biomass burning machine is environment-friendly, energy-saving equipment, with biomass briquette as raw material, which are cheap and unexhausted.  This machine has a very high heat efficiency and burning efficiency, no need desulfuration, simple structure, low adjust fees and widely used in many areas.

XNR series biomass burner has the wide application scope. It can be used for matching and energy saving food factory, electroplating victory, auto parts factory, mental factory, sanitary ware factory, lighting factory, wood drying processing plants and other enterprises drying tunnel line, die casting machine, industrial furnaces, drying equipment, engineering, transformation of various boiler drying equipment, ironing equipment, baking equipment, road construction machinery and equipment, industrial furnace, heating asphalt equipment and other energy equipment.

Advantages of the burner:

A: Save Energy, Save cost. The biomass burner can burn all kinds of fuel, this provide customer convenience, like biomass briquette, wood logs, woodchips etc. It also has very small area-cover, decrease the heat-lost and mental corrosion.

 B: Easy fire startingstable and reliable. Automatic fire-starting, closed stove doors, avoiding the danger elemnts of gas lost.

C: Long lifetime.  Multiple design, easier parts-change and maintenance.

D: High heating efficiency. 50% shorter time in the process of pressure rising, also with 82% heating effifiency.

E: Easy to operate, convenient to maintain. XNR biomass burner adopts frequency conversion automatic feeding, automatic temperature control, wind and dust removal, simple operation, only one person on duty.


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